Have you received an estimated bill? If so, and your meter is not a smart meter, then you can submit your own meter reading.

Once we receive your reading, we will calculate a revised bill and send it to you - this means you only need to pay for what you have used.

We are required to bill you in regular billing periods. This means your revised bill will also be estimated because it has been aligned to the dates on your original estimated bill.

I’ve received a few estimated bills. I’ve only just submitted my own meter reading. What happens now?

We will calculate your average daily usage from the reading you have just supplied. If you’ve had more than one estimated bill prior to submitting your own meter reading, we’ll adjust these bills only up to nine months. If you have accumulated credits from any of these bill adjustments, they will be carried forward to your latest revised bill.

If you’ve received multiple estimated bills, please contact us so that we can organise a suitable time for your meter to be read. Your meter should be read at least once every 12 months to ensure you only pay for the energy you use.

Still have questions? Read our FAQs to discover the answers to the most common questions.

This is an example of what happens...

Actual meter read bill received

24 February | Days of usage: n/a
Sally receives an actual read bill. Sally’s bill is:

Billing period: 90 days
Actual reading: 2,000 kWh

Estimated read bill received

1 June | Days of usage: 90 days
In June Sally receives her next bill which is an estimated read bill. Sally’s estimated bill is:

Billing period: 90 days
Estimated reading: 3,800 kWh

Own meter reading submitted

13 June | Days of usage: 110 days
Sally believes that the estimated read is higher than actual, and contacts us 20 days after she received her bill to submit her own meter reading. Sally provides the following:

Billing period: 110 days
Estimated reading: 3,650 kWh

Revised estimated read bill received

22 June | Days of usage: 90 days
Sally receives a revised bill where her submitted meter reading is pro-rated from 110 days to 90 days to match the bill dates on her original estimated bill. Sally's revised estimate bill is:

Billing period: 90 days
Estimated reading: 3,350 kWh

Why is this showing as an estimate?
The revised bill also shows as an estimate because we have pro-rated Sally’s own reading to align with the original estimated bill dates ie. the bill end date for the revised bill still needs to be 24 May.

Calculating usage for 110 days:
Sally’s own reading               3650kWh
Minus last actual reading      2000kWh
Usage for 110 days               1650kWh

Pro-rating usage from 110 days to 90 days to match the bill dates on Sally’s estimated bill:
1650kWh ÷ 110 days = 15kWh a day*
Usage for 90 days = 1350kWh (=15kWh * 90)
*This is the average daily usage

Calculating revised estimated reading:
Last actual reading                2000kWh
Plus usage for 90 days          1350kWh
Revised estimated reading 3350kWh – this is the reading that is shown on Sally’s revised estimated bill