Hickory Industries Solar Story

Hickory Industries Innovative EnergyAustralia Commercial Solar Installation

When it comes to construction, Hickory Group is known as an innovator. So, it’s no surprise that when they recently had solar panels installed on their new facility in North Laverton, Victoria, they took the opportunity to get creative.

Hickory Group chose to invest in solar as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability.  The business already integrates environmental planning into all construction projects they take on.

“We're working very hard to be more sustainable, which is saving us money, because waste is just waste,” says George Argyrou, a Director of the Hickory Group.

When it came to the installation of their 624 PV panels, the business opted against the the typical linear design for solar and used the panels to spell the word Hickory on their roof. George says it’s great to have the brand’s name visible when they fly over the site.



George says Hickory chose to install the commercial solar system with EnergyAustralia because they made the process easy.

“They came up with a great proposal. They did it better than anyone else and we felt more comfortable with them as our supplier and our partner,” he says.  

The installation is now complete and George says it’s an exciting time for the business. “It doesn't make sense why everyone is not doing this,” he says.


Whichever industry you operate in, installing solar could deliver real cost savings to your business. Our solar experts offer tailor-made systems, designed to suit your needs.