Better energy

Innovative and sustainable solutions – MIRRAT’s solar story

Businesses across Australia are increasingly looking to sustainable solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Melbourne International RoRo and Auto Terminal (MIRRAT) is a great example of this.  With the aim of setting the global benchmark in terminal suitability, the new Melbourne facility features LED lighting to reduce energy usage by 30 per cent, tanks for the harvesting of rainwater and a Building Management System that monitors and manages energy consumption.

At the heart of this sustainable design is its commercial solar system that helps power the administration building.

We spoke to MIRRAT’s Head of Commercial & Stakeholder Management shortly after the new complex was completed. Since then they have gone on to win the Leadership in Infrastructure Sustainability category at the 2016 Sustainability in Infrastructure Awards with their construction partner CPB.

Whichever industry you operate in, installing solar can deliver real cost savings to your business. Our solar experts offer tailor-made systems, designed to suit your needs.