Tips for a hoppy Easter holiday


Easter holds great significance for many people the world over. After COVID-19 impacted Easter in 2020, this year’s Easter break is the perfect time to get together with family and friends and celebrate.

On the hunt

Who doesn’t love the thrill of an Easter egg hunt, no matter how old (or young at heart) you are? Get outdoors and enjoy the autumn weather in your backyard, park, or community gardens – keep an eye out for local Easter hunt events.

Green thumbs-up

Autumn is a great time to get into the garden, and with the Easter break, you might find you’ve got the time. Whether you’ve got a big garden or a small balcony or something in between, you can plant herbs like parsley and rosemary, vegetable seedlings and more. Make a day of it and cook up a storm with some budget-friendly Easter barbecue recipes.

Watch an Easter movie

Pop some popcorn and binge on some Easter or bunny-themed movies (while you binge on Easter eggs too). Family favourites include Hop, Peter Rabbit and that old classic, Easter Parade.

Get crafty

If the weather’s no good, the ABC website has plenty of creative activities for young kids, with familiar friends from favourite shows ready to be turned into crafts and keepsakes. For plenty of Easter-themed fun, a quick search on Pinterest will open up a world of activities to engage and amuse, whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner.

Wind-down and switch off

Don’t forget to switch off and go old-school with a book or some exercise to keep your body and mind refreshed over Easter. We also have some useful energy saving tips including turning off the power when you’re not using it.

Happy Easter to all

Hope your Easter break is choc-full of fun and opportunities to get together with loved ones.