Tech start-up empowering better energy use

Tech start-up empowering better energy use

Brisbane-based Redback Technologies is a start-up looking to change the way Australians manage their energy.  

The company recognised that solar energy was the way of the future and decided they wanted to lead that change.  Since then, they’ve developed enabling technology that allows the grid of the future to take form through integrated hardware and software technologies that capture, store and manage solar energy.

Power in your hands 

Redback’s second generation Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System, which is due to be released early next year, combines a solar inverter, solar battery, and cloud-based energy management software into a unit that can be mounted easily inside or outside the home. 

The system allows you to decide how you use, store and even sell the energy captured from your solar panels. And it can all be done from a smartphone or tablet.

It’s about giving you control of your generation and usage in real time – and that helps reduce energy costs. Control like letting you schedule major appliances such as electric hot-water systems or air-conditioners to run when there’s ample solar power available so you don’t need to power them from the grid when electricity’s at its most expensive. That’s smart. 

Investing in the future

Redback’s technology focuses on giving people the ability to make the most of their energy while saving money and reducing their carbon footprint – that’s why EnergyAustralia got involved.

"We partnered with the business Redback Technologies as part of our commitment to support the development of reliable, affordable and cleaner technology which puts our customers in control of their energy usage,” says Andrew Perry, EnergyAustralia’s NextGen Executive. 

“We’re proud to be partnering with a company that’s driving Australian innovation in a way that’s good for customers and good for the environment.” 

The partnership will help accelerate Redback’s technology roadmap and strategic plan for leading the disruptive change needed for the mass adoption of renewables. 

The Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System will be available to order through EnergyAustralia in early 2017, with battery storage capacity ranging from around 3-12kWh.  

Make the switch to solar power - contact EnergyAustralia to talk about what options are right for your home.

Philip Livingston: Redback Technology is a company that creates enabling technology to allow the grid of the future to take form.

Paul Liddell: The Redback inverter is a solar inverter, a hybrid solar inverter. That means it takes the solar energy off the roof of your home and converts it into AC energy for using inside your home – your appliances, televisions, refrigerators and so on.

Because it’s a hybrid it also has a battery which means it can store excess solar energy in the battery for use later on.

Philip: Were trying to create a system that relies on greater intelligence that is not only reliant on batteries but relies on machine learning and other functions to match supply and demand. And by doing that, we will be able to enable the transition from a grid predominantly powered by fossil generation - to one powered by renewables.

These technologies can save consumers money, will provide consumers greater choice, and greater convenience as our homes become smarter.

Paul: The benefit to homeowners is that the Redback system helps to minimise their energy expenditure. The smart algorithms inside the system optimise when you’re using your battery, when you’re using your solar panels and when you’re importing energy from the grid.

Philip: Working with a large partner like EnergyAustralia allows us to fundamentally, in a very significant way, reduce the volume of carbon emissions going into the atmosphere.

Paul: The partnership with EA will allow Redback greater access to customers across Australia. EA has a huge customer base and many of those customers are looking for the ability to use renewable energy. That’s how the two companies will come together – we’re providing the technology and EA are providing the customer base and the scenarios that our technology can meet.

Philip: It is about putting the consumer first; allowing the consumer to make choices about where he or she wishes to buy their energy. We’re putting the power back in consumer’s hands – we’re democratising energy for consumers.