Sirius’s Bright Proposition: The App That Lets You Be In Charge Of Your Electricity Bill

Sirius Energy

In our latest Q&As with the innovators selected for the inaugural Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Accelerator program, we talk to Anika Rani, co-founder and CEO of Sirius Energy. Rani explains how the Sirius app interprets energy-usage data and empowers consumers to be in control of their household power bills.

What is Sirius?

It’s a customer experience platform for mobile devices and tablets that gives households a hyper-personalised energy experience. Sirius allows energy consumers to understand their energy use and be in real control of it. When you sign up, we ask you to provide some information about your house – how many people live there, what kinds of appliances you use, how often you’re at home. We then overlay this information with your energy consumption and other external data such as weather to build a really rich picture of a household’s energy usage.

Sirius energy dashboard

How does this differ from the information that consumers already see on their energy bills?

Sirius provides real-time information – not retrospective information – in an easy-to-understand and digestible way. We’re moving away from kilowatts, because no-one really knows what a kilowatt is. Instead, we’re relaying information in a way that’s more meaningful to households and their situations. For example, if you’re a parent and you spend most of your time at home, we can explain to you how much your consumption might be depending on how many loads of washing you might do during the day.


What is “advanced disaggregation”?

It means we can break down your usage to things like your appliances and show you, for example, which appliance uses the most energy in your household. From there, we can provide specific recommendations about how to improve your energy efficiency. That might be replacing your current washing machine.


But how do you figure out how much energy each appliance is using?

We combine the power of smart meter data with our data repository and use advanced analytics to drive disaggregation insights at the appliance level. 


Where and when will Sirius come to market?

We’re aiming to launch for our early-access customers later this year, and we’re still accepting sign-ups to our early-access program via our website. Sirius will launch in Victoria first, and we have plans to expand to New South Wales and New Zealand.


What were your priorities going in to the Startupbootcamp Accelerator program? And has the program helped propel the business?

To answer the second part first: yes, it really has pushed our business forward. There’s a reason they call it an accelerator! Specifically, it’s helped us test our riskiest assumptions and understand our market-value proposition. We’ve had an opportunity to speak with industry leaders and, in doing so, validate our product. The concentration of great minds participating in the Startupbootcamp alongside us has also been a great push. The networks we’ve developed, and the conversations we’ve participated in, have been invaluable.