The Accelerator Program Nurturing The World's Brightest Energy Startups

Accelerating car

How often have we seen great ideas born in someone's workshop?

That’s the question we asked when we launched the Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Accelerator program in August. It’s what started EnergyAustralia’s search for the most innovative ideas in energy, and captures the spirit of innovation that is the basis for the program, the result of a partnership between EnergyAustralia and established London-based accelerator Startupbootcamp.

“The accelerator program is about making great ideas real and developing the next innovation that helps customers use energy in ways that save them money and help the environment,” says EnergyAustralia NextGen Executive, Andrew Perry.

There are many accelerator programs, but this dedicated energy accelerator program is the first of its kind in Melbourne. Its focus is on better energy use, energy independence, and digitisation and analytics.

The EnergyAustralia Accelerator program is looking to achieve these ambitious goals in a simple way: we have invited startups from around the globe to enter their ideas on better energy use, energy independence, and digitisation and analytics. Selected startups will take part in a 13-week accelerator program that will fast-track their development by up to 18 months.

There were 500 applications, from every continent – 16 nationalities in total. During recruitment we met with about 300 applicants, travelling to 28 cities around the world. Of the 300 startups we interviewed, just ten will be selected and invited to Melbourne to participate in the program. Startupbootcamp Co-Founder, Ruud Hendriks, looks forward to startups, corporates, investors, mentors, and government organisations working together for all Australians.

“Startupbootcamp will be recruiting startup businesses globally to come to Melbourne for this program,” he says. “We’re convinced that with EnergyAustralia as the founding partner, this program will become a huge success,” said Mr Hendriks.

This local focus is important.

“By bringing the best and brightest minds to Melbourne instead of seeking them out in Silicon Valley, we’re building on this city’s reputation as an innovation hub,” says Mr Perry.

The startups will receive mentoring, coaching, and advice from industry experts and entrepreneurs. After that, they will pitch their technology, service, or business model to the program’s partners, investors, and other interested stakeholders, including government and energy retailers. It’s an exciting program that promises to bring out the best in everyone.

The ten selected startups will be announced on Wednesday, and the program will start in late January ‘18. From humble workshops to bigger and better things, we’re looking forward to the brilliant innovations the program will bring.