July 6, 2022

Leading energy retailer, EnergyAustralia, has reported a significant monthly increase in solar enquiries, with a staggering 95 per cent uptick in applications for its Solar Home Bundle in the last four weeks.

Solar Home Bundle, officially launched today, is an innovative new product that removes long held barriers for Australians seeking renewable energy solutions. The solution provides eligible homeowners a solar and battery system that is installed and managed by EnergyAustralia for no upfront costs as part of a seven-year energy plan.

The customer pays a competitive usage rate for the electricity they use - from the system or from the energy grid - which is fixed for the life of the plan.

Ownership of the infrastructure transfers to the customer at the end of a seven-year plan. Initially offered in New South Wales, the bundle offer will soon be rolled out to other markets across the eastern seaboard.

Customers taking up the offer get a high-quality system, which includes tier one rooftop solar panels, an inverter and 10.1kWh battery – valued at around $15,000.

EnergyAustralia’s Chief Customer Officer, Mark Brownfield, said the dual interests of going green and seeking simplicity means now is the perfect time to improve access to solar and battery power for homeowners.

“Australians have for some time faced a significant barrier to their renewable energy aspirations – buying solar and batteries outright has been cost-prohibitive, not to mention confusing for many,” Mr Brownfield said.  

EnergyAustralia, which began running small trials of the product in September 2021, said Solar Home Bundle has been met with rave reviews, prompting it to open up the product to more areas within NSW. The company is launching a campaign to lift awareness of the product. Comparison site, Finder, named Solar Home Bundle as a finalist in its 2021 Innovation Awards.

“We believe Solar Home Bundle changes the landscape for people wanting to enter the renewable energy market now. It puts transitioning to a solar and battery system in the home, within reach,” Mr Brownfield added.

David Rowlinson from Sydney’s North Shore said he always wanted to use renewable electricity but was put off by the upfront cost and hassle. Solar Home Bundle changed all that.    

“We’ve got an amazing solar and battery system installed with no financial outlay. And EnergyAustralia did all the hard work for us, what could be better than that!” said David. 

EnergyAustralia uses smart software to balance the customer's electricity supply from the grid, solar and battery. The battery will form part of EnergyAustralia’s Virtual Power Plant – a network of batteries helping to support the grid. 

“Our customers have told us this is a terrific initiative, especially for families with adults working from home and kids who love their devices. They love that they’re being environmentally friendly by powering their home with the help of the sun.”

Signing up for Solar Home Bundle is subject to eligibility criteria and checks that your home is suitable for a solar and battery installation. 

More information is available at 1800 108 633 or