This page will help you understand some things about the Tesla Powerwall and battery storage.

General questions


Technical questions



General questions


Is the Tesla Energy home battery (Powerwall) available now?

Yes. We’re offering the Powerwall home battery as a complete system – including one of our quality solar power systems. Call us on 136 385 for a quote, or you can request a quote and we’ll contact you to give you more information and discuss how the Powerwall might suit your household’s energy needs.


I’m interested in both a solar power system and the Powerwall; can you help me with both?

We can help you with solar power too. Call us on 136 385, or request a quote and we’ll contact you to give you more information about the Powerwall and discuss how it might suit your household’s energy needs, including solar power systems, in more detail.


Which Powerwall products are you offering?
We’ll initially be offering a model called the Daily Powerwall. The Daily Powerwall has a 6.4kWh energy capacity and can charge and discharge at up to 3.3kW continuously or in short bursts. It’s best suited for use on a daily basis, such as storing solar-generated power for use at night or reducing your usage of power from the grid during peak time (when prices are highest). You can view its data sheet for more details.


Can you tell me how much the Powerwall will cost?
Pricing for  Tesla Energy’s Powerwall depends on a range of factors, such as whether it’s being installed with a new solar system from EnergyAustralia, or connected to an existing solar system (i.e. retrofitted), and the specific installation conditions at your home or business. You can request a quote now and we’ll contact you with more details on pricing.


What are the benefits of having a home battery? How much will it save me?
The benefits a household will receive will depend on a number of factors including your location, the size of your solar power system and your energy plan. The Powerwall can store excess solar-generated energy from a solar system, or energy sourced from the grid, for use at a later time. The stored energy can be used instead of electricity you would normally draw and pay for from the grid, so depending on your electricity tariff, you may be able to take advantage of using your battery when prices are highest. If paired with a back-up capable inverter system (available in mid-2016), the Powerwall can also provide a level of back-up power during a grid outage.


What is the warranty for the Powerwall?
Tesla warrants that your Powerwall will be free from defects for ten years following the date it was installed for the first time. If you only use your Powerwall for self-consumption of solar energy generated by an onsite array and for storing that solar energy for use as backup power, there is no limit on the number of times that you can cycle your battery in this ten year period. 

In order to provide this Limited Warranty for the full ten year warranty period, Tesla requires the ability to update your Powerwall through remote firmware upgrades. If your Powerwall is not connected to the internet for an extended period, or has not been registered with Tesla, your warranty may be reduced to at least four years following the date your Powerwall was installed for the first time.

Other terms apply to the Limited Warranty, you can visit the Powerwall support website for more details. 


Is there a different warranty for the inverter? What is the warranty for the inverter?
We’ll be connecting the Powerwall with a Solaredge hybrid inverter. The Solaredge inverter comes with a 12 year limited warranty.


I am not currently an EnergyAustralia customer; will I be able to buy a Tesla Energy home battery from you?
Yes, you’ll still be able to purchase a Powerwall from us. To get the most from your battery, we encourage you to review your energy plan to make sure you’re on an appropriate tariff. We’ll be happy to talk you through your energy plan options.




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Technical questions

How does the Tesla Energy home battery work?
The Tesla Energy home battery works within a system connected to your home. Watch our quick video of how a basic battery storage system works. If you’ve requested a quote, we’ll contact you with more specific information on how it can work with your household.

Can the Tesla Energy home battery be used with my existing solar power system?
We may be able to retrofit your existing system with the new Powerwall, but we’ll need to find out more about the type of system you have. Call us on 136 385, or request a quote, and we can talk to you about your household needs and what will work best for you.

Is there any other equipment needed to install a Powerwall?
The Powerwall requires a hybrid inverter to convert the energy stored into the type of electricity used in the average home. Electricity and communication conductors and cables will connect the Powerwall to the inverter. The inverter will connect to solar panels on your roof in the usual way solar power systems are set up. We’ll be able to talk you through the detail of the installation, including any extra parts you need, when we provide you a quote.

What inverters can I use with the Powerwall?
Initially, we’ll only be offering the Powerwall with a Tesla-compatible Solaredge inverter. The Solaredge inverter system includes power optimiser technology, which maximises the output of your solar system, even in varied conditions. For example, if one or more solar panels are shaded, it won’t affect the output of the other unshaded panels.

Can I charge my Powerwall from the electricity grid?
Yes, when combined with the Solaredge inverter system, you’ll be able to charge your Powerwall with energy delivered from the grid. The price you pay will be the same as the rates you pay for the electricity that’s delivered to your home from the grid.  

How big is the Powerwall? How much energy can a Powerwall store?
The dimensions are 1300mm (L) x 860mm (W) x 180mm (H) and it weighs about 100kgs. The Daily Powerwall we’re offering can store up to 6.4kWh of energy. You can view the data sheet for more details.

Where does the Powerwall get installed in the home?
The Powerwall is designed to be wall mounted and can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Our Tesla Energy certified installers will talk you through appropriate locations during a pre-installation site inspection at you home.

Can I use the Powerwall as a back-up if the power goes out?
The Powerwall can provide back-up power only when combined with a back-up capable inverter. Back-up capable inverters will be available mid-2016.

Can I use the battery to charge other devices (e.g. hybrid car)?
You won’t be able to attach/plug in other devices directly to the Powerwall to charge. The Powerwall will deliver its stored energy through your home’s electrical system.


When will I need to replace the battery?
The useful life of your battery depends on a range of factors, including how frequently it is charged and then discharged (cycles) and the amount of energy discharged during any cycle.



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