Understanding your bill

Monitor your energy usage

Understanding your energy bill can put you in control when monitoring how much energy you use.

Bill guides

It’s always a good idea to understand the details on your bills.

Read our guides for electricity and gas bills and our solar generation statements. They will help you understand your bill and monitor your energy use.

Vision impaired billing services

We offer a number of billing options for our vision impaired customers, including:

  • Large format bill print (A3 size)
  • Audio CD (Synthetic Voice Audio on CD)
  • eText (Electronic text on CD)
  • Braille

To request any one of these billing services, please call us on 133 466 and we’ll be happy to help.

Estimated bills

Sometimes it’s hard to get data from an electricity or gas meter. Your energy distributor, who reads the meters, might have been unable to find or access your meter.

When this happens, we have to send you an estimated bill.

Does your bill seem high?

If your bill seems higher than you expected, there could be a simple explanation. Read our High bill checklist to see common reasons for higher electricity and gas bills.

This could give you some helpful tips to keep your future bills lower.

Still have questions?

If you have more questions about your bill, check out our FAQs or call us.

Need more time to pay your bill?

Give us a call or fill out a payment extension request form.

Request a payment extension