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What’s happening?

We’ve introduced a 15 percent discount on electricity and gas usage for our eligible concession card customers (including pensioners, veterans and healthcare-card holders) on default Basic Home plan or ‘standing offer’ tariffs. 

The discount will be applied automatically from 1 January 2019, and it’s in addition to state government concession payments.

Why has the discount been introduced?

Standing offer tariffs are best used as a short-term safety net only. We’ve been working with a range of key government stakeholders and consumer groups to bring prices down, in particular for customers on basic standing offer pricing plans that generally have no or low discounts. 

Since 2015 we’ve helped more than 200,000 households on standing offer tariffs find better value plans. 

Around 10 percent of our customers are still on these standing offer tariffs and paying more than they need to. The quickest way to ease pressure on those customers is the introduction of an automatic discount.

What percentage discount amount am I eligible for?

If you’re an eligible concession customer on a Basic Home electricity or gas plan, you’ll receive a 15 percent discount. It will apply to usage charges from 1 January 2019. On average, this is an overall saving of $270 a year for electricity and $145 for gas.

Where will I see the discount?

You'll see this discount displayed as the following line item on page 3 of your bill: ‘Basic – Home Discount on Usage -15%’. 

Do I need to do anything to get the discount?

No. If you’ve registered your eligible concession card with us, the discount will be automatically applied to your Basic Home energy bill.

If you haven’t registered your concession card yet, you will need to register your concession card on My Account or visit our concession FAQ page for help.

How do I know I’m on the best plan? 

If you haven’t reviewed your energy plan for a while, you may not be taking advantage of our latest offers. Take a look at our other plans, which provide better value.