About REES

The South Australian government’s Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), provides incentives for households and businesses to save energy through energy efficiency and audit targets. 

The REES scheme gives access to free or low-cost energy efficiency products (such as lightbulbs), through participating energy retailers. 

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Say ‘YESS’ to a more energy efficient home or business. 

With our energy efficiency partner, Your Energy Saving Solutions (YESS), we offer our eligible South Australian customers a range of free or low-cost services to help make their homes and businesses more energy efficient. 

For homes:

  • TV standby power controllers (SPCs) 
  • General purpose lighting upgrades (LED A type bulbs & floodlights) 
  • Home energy assessment (concession card / low income households only)
  • Energy efficient showerhead replacement

For businesses:

  • Commercial lighting upgrades 
  • Energy efficient showerhead replacement 

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