With PowerResponse EnergyAustralia customers can earn rewards for making simple changes to their energy use to help lessen demand on the electricity grid during peak times.

To get involved, all you need to do is sign up online.

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We’ll give you as much notice as possible when an event is coming up.


You’ll get an SMS when the event starts.


Choose to reduce or shift your electricity use during the event.


The event finishes - we’ll confirm by SMS when it’s over.


Complete a survey for a $5 reward- we’ll SMS you the survey link.


We’ll let you know how much energy you saved, and any rewards you earned within a few days.

Customers can view their performance and rewards via MyAccount. Log in, or register here.

How can I reduce my power usage?

Reducing the amount of electricity you use could be as easy as adjusting your air-conditioning temperature, switching off your pool pump, and delaying a load of washing.^

Heater / Air-Con
Heaters & air con


Heaters and air conditioners can be big energy guzzlers. Adjust the thermostat to reduce the amount of electricity used.

Washing machine
Washing machine


per cycle

Delay putting on a load of washing and you can save up to 1kWh.


1 -2kWh

per cycle

Not running your dishwasher during an event could mean you reduce usage by around 1kWh.

Pool pump
Pool pump

1 -2kWh

per hour

Switching your pool pump off during an event could save you up to 2kWh. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This Activity received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Programme – Demand Response. 

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^ If you would normally run these appliances at the time when the event occurs.