You’re doing good things for the environment 

Since the launch of our carbon neutral program in 2016, 145,000 residential customers have chosen to make a positive impact on our environment by opting in to Go Neutral for their electricity at home. 

Together we were able to offset over 546,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2018 – that’s the equivalent of taking more than 170,000 cars off the road for one year* (and more than triple our 2017 result of 50,000 cars off the road for one year).

Your decision to take part in Go Neutral (at no extra cost to you) helps us to support climate action projects that offset your carbon emissions and benefit communities around the world.

*Using a factor of 3.2 tonnes/passenger car/year. Based on 2016 Australian passenger vehicle numbers (Australian Bureau of Statistics Motor Vehicle Census) and 2016 greenhouse gas emissions for cars (National Greenhouse Gas Inventory’s AEGIS database).

Climate action projects making a difference

We buy carbon offset units from climate action projects that reduce or remove carbon emissions to offset the impact of your electricity use. These offset units are eligible according to the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Savanna Fire Management, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Ranger Group
Avoids emissions by helping to prevent large bushfires. Managing fires early in the dry season in Arnhem Land reduces the risk and extent of high intensity wildfires. Through knowledge being passed down, the connection between Aboriginal communities and their land is strengthened, and biodiversity is protected. Read more.




Solid Waste Management, Brazil 

Carbon Neutral - Brazil Landfill
The Santa Rosa Centre for Solid Waste Treatment – also known as CTR Rio – is a landfill site near Rio de Janeiro. Receiving all sorts of waste, including plastics, metals, batteries and biomass, CTR Rio was, like many landfills in Brazil, hazardous and unsanitary. Now, CTR Rio has been restructured to convert the enormous amounts of methane – a very potent greenhouse gas created by the landfill - to carbon dioxide, which is less severe for the environment. Long term, the goal is to convert the methane into energy. Through CTR Rio, safety and environmental problems usually linked to waste management in Brazil have been reduced and there have also been local social and economic benefits. Read more


Renewable Lighting Scheme, India

Carbon Neutral - Renewable Lighting Scheme, India
Avoids emissions through improved energy efficiency. The Bachat Lamp Yojana project replaces energy intensive globes with more energy efficient ones (compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs). This benefits the environment and helps low-income families in India by saving them money. Read more.


Regenerative Ecosystem Project, New South Wales

Reduces emissions by removing carbon dioxide through allowing native forests to regrow. The Urisino project focused on an area in far west New South Wales which was overgrazed by feral goats and sheep, with mulga (Acacia) and other native flora species in decline. With high rainfall and the removal of grazing animals, the area has successfully regenerated back to its natural state and is drawing carbon from the atmosphere.

How carbon offsetting works

Go carbon neutral - How carbon offsetting works
Step 1
If you’re using energy derived from fossil fuels, your everyday usage is releasing carbon into the atmosphere.
Step 2
To reduce the environmental impact of your carbon emissions, we ‘offset’ by purchasing and cancelling certificates that fund projects that remove or avoid the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases.
Step 3

The resulting ‘net’ level of those emissions is zero – which is great for the environment!

Remind me how it works

When you made the decision to opt-in, we buy enough carbon offset units to fully offset the carbon emissions associated with your home’s electricity - at no extra cost to you. It’s an easy, cost free way for you to get involved and make a difference to the environment.

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Other exciting EnergyAustralia carbon initiatives

Carbon Neutral - MCG at night

Making the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCG) carbon neutral for a month

During September 2018, we offset all the carbon emissions at the MCG precinct, as part of our partnership with the iconic home of sport. Offsetting carbon emissions during September is the equivalent of planting (and maintaining) 100,0001 trees or taking 50,0002 cars off the road for the year.

Based on 5 trees to sequester one tonne of Co2: 

2 Car numbers based on average cars emitting 4.6 tonnes of carbon each per year:

Carbon Neutral - Opera House

And making the Sydney Opera House carbon neutral

In 2018 we also helped Australia’s biggest house, Sydney Opera House, become carbon neutral and meet its target to reduce emissions, five years ahead of schedule. 



Growing the movement

You might have seen our latest advertisement for Go Neutral, featuring Melinda. We want to help 1 million customers opt-in for carbon neutral electricity at home by 2020.