Home and lifestyle bloggers' top tips for moving house

Moving house can be stressful, so we asked four of our favourite home and lifestyle bloggers for their top moving house tips.


Yvette Wilson from The Stylist Splash

Moving house is up there with one of the most stressful times in your life, but there are ways to make it more peaceful.  My number one tip is to make lists - write everything down! Being a huge list maker myself, moving house is a great time to get a list started and why not treat yourself to some gorgeous stationery to make the whole process a lot nicer.  Write down what goes into your boxes and by marking them with a label you can refer back to your list to you know exactly where that box has to go when it arrives at your new home.  Lists also remind you what you need to pack, purchase, organise and unpack - and hopefully make the whole process less stressful.


Skye Rytenskild from Décor + Design Show Blog

The prospect of packing is terrifying. Boxes spewing bubble wrap and ancient sporting equipment tumbling from cupboards. Then after the move, a small mountain of boxes left unpacked for months, their contents a Bermudian mystery. Don’t love it? Turf it. Get rid of cheaply-made replicas and de-clutter prior to moving, as suggested by minimalist guru Marie Kondo. The biggest trends at this year’s Australian International Furniture Fair were old crafts and handcrafted bespoke furniture; a reaction to the throwaway nature of past decades. You may want to take this opportunity to explore unique pieces from local designers. It’s not every day you get a fresh start. Make your move count.


Lisa Tilse from We Are Scout

Number your packing boxes on the top and side instead of writing the contents on them. Write a separate list of the numbers together with the detailed contents of each box. Photograph the list with your phone so you have a back-up. As you unpack, cross the box number off the list.  If you’re slow to unpack or boxes end up in your garage, or storage, your list will help you find the things you need. Pass the used boxes on to friends who can use the numbering system without having to scribble out your list of contents and find room to write theirs.


Katrina Chambers from Katrina Chambers 

Have a big cull and declutter before you move. Don’t take any unnecessary items with you to your new home because this will make the unpacking process so much more stressful. It’s best to move around from room to room in your old house and be prepared to toss items before you go. Donate what you can and cull before you move rather than thinking about it at the other end. That way when you land at your new home you’ll only be unpacking the important things you want to keep, meaning there’ll be less mess and stress!

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