Four of the best DIY bloggers

Four of the best DIY bloggers

Thanks in large part to TV shows like The Block, dedicating a weekend to DIY is commonplace, and maybe even a little cool. If you’re part of the DIY crowd and seeking a little inspiration or instruction for a major renovation or a cosmetic refresh, blogs are a wonderful place to start.

We’ve trawled the web to uncover four of the best DIY bloggers. Ready, set, bookmark… 

Best for interior styling

Interiors Addict

Who: Jen Bishop, an ex-journalist, calls herself “an ordinary girl with no design qualifications, just a serious love of all things decor and homewares”. Interiors Addict is one of the most comprehensive and well-followed interiors blogs in Australia, and with good reason.

What you’ll find: Styling tips, home decor updates, endless interior inspiration, how-to guides and some of the most in-depth coverage of The Block out there.

Why we love it: Interiors Addict has evolved into far more than just a blog, but it’s managed to maintain a strong sense of Jen’s very genuine passion.

Best for the greenie

Happy Earth

Who: Ally and Rich are a couple giving urban sustainability a go in a typical house in a typical suburb just ten minutes from the centre of Wollongong.

What you’ll find: From water- and energy-saving tips to greener communities and sustainable interiors, this blog is your greenie go-to.

Why we love it: It’s great to look to self-sufficient cottages and brand new eco-developments for inspiration, but it can be hard to relate. Happy Earth offers real and practical tips for the masses.

Best for the flat pack lover

IKEA Hackers

Who: Writing under the pseudonym ‘Jules’, the author of IKEA Hackers is dedicated to finding the best IKEA hacks, tweaks and ideas across the web.

What you’ll find: Clever how-tos for transforming mass-produced items into one-of-a-kinds, or hacking them to create something else entirely.

Why we love it: This site makes the most of IKEA’s convenient, easy-to-build and – for the most part – reliable items, while ensuring your house doesn’t wind up looking like a model home.

Best for the renovator

Darling Street

Who: A stint in NYC and one child on from starting her DIY-focused blog, Penny has moved back to Sydney and is documenting a complete renovation of the Balmain fixer-upper she and her husband own.

What you’ll find: DIY projects, decor inspiration and diaries documenting personal projects, including every trial and triumph of Penny’s major renovation.

Why we love it: This is a blog with heart, and we particularly love the renovation advice – it’s the realities of a reno minus the happy music montage.

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