Meet The Selected Teams for Our Accelerator Program

Startupbootcamp participants

At EnergyAustralia, we’re serious about supporting other businesses and initiatives that also light the way towards reliable, affordable, and cleaner energy for all. With this in mind, we launched the Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Accelerator program in August, in partnership with London-based accelerator Startupbootcamp.

After some months travelling to 28 cities around the world to interview some 300 applicants, we are proud to announce the 11 startups who will take part in the program, right here in Melbourne. Meet our selected teams:

1ANSAH – Australian-based startup that has an intelligent platform which uses natural language processing and machine learning for the efficient maintenance of complex equipment, to maximise output and minimise downtime.

COGNITUM – Cognitum presents a product that in real time amplifies human intelligence in cognitively demanding tasks for better decision-making in industry, government, and health sectors.

ENERGYTECH VENTURES – EnergyTech Ventures helps clients extract value out of their data by analysing and managing energy performance, to reduce operational costs and enhance productivity.

INTELLPOWER – This Australian-based startup uses an intelligent sensor network and analytics which help reduce operations and maintenance costs, as well as capital expenditure on replacements.

SAVVYTECH – SavvyTech, a local team from Melbourne, provides an energy business intelligence platform for large enterprises to help manage energy usage and reduce costs.

SENSORFACT – Sensorfact has created a smart sensor and software for the SME manufacturing industry, delivering insights into energy consumption and providing solutions for energy savings.

SIRIUS - Sirius is a platform that presents household energy data in a meaningful way, and provides consumers with real-time triggers to change usage behaviour.

STRIX – Strix is a Big Data-driven smart energy management system that helps users to efficiently manage their demand response, benefiting both energy retailers and consumers.

OXTO - OXTO Energy is a flywheel energy storage start-up, developing storage solutions to support the addition of intermittent renewable energy to the electrical network, and the increasing balancing needs of utility grid operators.

UPRISE ENERGY – DSeveloping a new class of portable, powerful and affordable wind turbines for distributed power generation.

WEPOWER - WePower uses blockchain technology to deploy smart contracts within the green energy trading network, enabling everyone to invest and finance green energy projects.

From late January, these innovators will take part in a 13-week program that allows them to receive mentoring, coaching, and advice, and fast-track their development by up to 18 months. They will also have the opportunity to pitch their technology, service, or business model to the program’s partners, investors, and other interested stakeholders.

At EnergyAustralia, we’d like to thank all the entrants, from every continent in the world, for inspiring us with their brilliant ideas. We congratulate the selected teams and look forward to seeing them go on to even greater things in the near future.