Meet Ecologic, your personal energy advisor


Receiving your quarterly energy bill can be stressful, particularly if you don’t know how much electricity you’ve been using day-to-day.


To help you avoid this, Ecologic has created a web and mobile app that shows householders exactly how much electricity is being used in their homes. 

Within just a few minutes, you can build an electronic power profile and accurately calculate energy consumption in each area of your home. Once you understand which of your appliances uses the most electricity, Ecologic can suggest ways to reduce your consumption.


Here’s how to use Ecologic:

1. Answer questions

Ecologic asks you questions about your building and appliances. Questions are grouped by priority, with critical questions such as your type of heating system shown prominently, and more detailed questions shown in optional slide-out cards. You don’t need to respond to every question – any unanswered questions will be filled in with smart defaults.


2. Learn about your consumption

Ecologic feeds your responses into a cloud-based simulation platform and builds a  model of your home. The app then uses this model to simulate how your building consumes electricity throughout the year, based on your local weather. Using data from this simulation, Ecologic provides you with a ‘performance rating’ and a detailed analysis of how you use energy throughout the year. You can compare your performance to similar properties and identify which of your appliances uses the most energy.


3. Create a plan to reduce your bill

Ecologic prepares a set of energy-saving recommendations – such as installing rooftop solar panels or adjusting your thermostat – based on the simulation data. You can compare the upfront costs, ongoing bill savings and carbon savings of each measure on-screen. Then, you can decide the recommendations you’d like to include in your personalised plan.


4. Review and act on your plan

The Ecologic app provides detailed advice on how to implement the measures you’ve chosen for your plan. For example, if you’re purchasing an energy-efficient fridge, Ecologic can provide a list of models and their various costs/benefits.


Taking control of your energy consumption

Ecologic puts you in control by showing you exactly how electricity is being used around your home. Armed with this knowledge, you can make decisions about how much money to spend on energy, so bill shock becomes a thing of the past.


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