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Top Blogger Tips To Save You Energy This Winter

Weather can have a big impact on your energy bill, especially during winter when you tend to stay indoors more - giving your heating system a work out.  To help you avoid a winter bill spike, we asked five of our favourite home and lifestyle bloggers for their best energy efficiency tips.

Sam Johnstone

Sam Johnstone from DIY Decorator

Decorate your windows in your home with good quality curtains and blinds. Using curtains that are lined helps keep the heat in and the cold out by reducing the heat loss through your windows.  Alternatively, have your windows double glazed and close off any rooms that aren’t being used.  Use the dimmer switch to turn down your lights, creating a low ambient light for a cosy winter atmosphere and use a lamp when only a small amount of light is needed.


Larissa Gardner

Larissa Gardner from Homely

Harness natural heat - the best way to avoid bill shock, save energy and stay warm this winter is by taking simple measures to harness existing free sources of heating in your home. One way to achieve this is by using the heat of the sun to warm up your house. During the day open up all your south and west facing curtains to allow the sun’s rays to stream in the windows and heat up your home. As soon as the sun begins to set conserve the heat the sun has generated by closing all your curtains and blinds to insulate against heat loss in the evening.


Emily Osmond

Emily Osmond from Get In My Home

My favourite way to keep my energy bills from skyrocketing during winter is to dress for the weather! I'm always amazed when I visit people in their homes and they're wearing t-shirts and shorts, yet the heating is pumping to the max. I dread to know how much their bills are! Come winter, I invest in a good set of thermals or fleecy trackie pants and top and ALWAYS wear socks. If it's extra chilly you might even find me with a hot water bottle tucked into my jumper.


Nicole Cox

Nicole Cox from The Builders Wife

 As builders, we would say that careful planning and design are your best energy saving tips. When planning your new build keep in mind the orientation of your home, the materials you build with, and ensure measures such as window protection, insulation and energy efficient light globes are used.
When renovating, be sure to close all the gaps and cracks in your home to assist in keeping the warmth in in winter. Insulate your roof space, if not already done, and    change your light globes over to energy efficient ones when they need replacing.


Richard from Simple Living Australia

Clothes dryers consume a relatively high amount of energy and are therefore an expensive appliance to run. In winter, when you have to use a room heater, make it work twice as hard for you. Place an indoor clothes-drying rack in a room that you are heating (such as a living room).  The heater is then warming you as well as drying your clothes. Racks are inexpensive, will last for years; and can be folded and stored when not in use. To avoid fire risk, never place clothes too close to any heater.

The best way to save on your energy bills is to be aware of the ways you use energy in your home and to make sure you are on the right electricity plan for your needs.