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Non-NEGotiable support for a national energy blueprint

Non-NEGotiable support for a national energy blueprint

Years of climate policy wars have held Australia back from developing a new, modern energy system, and customers have borne the brunt of it – high prices and unreliable energy. 

It’s time for change and that’s why we’re supporting the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). 

The NEG is the best way forward

At EnergyAustralia, we believe the NEG is the blueprint that industry desperately needs so it has the confidence to make the large, long-term investments required to take the pressure off prices. 

All the key pieces of the puzzle are there - solar, wind, demand response, pumped hydro and battery storage, supported by gas-fired generation. Until now, the missing piece has been a national plan. 

The NEG will deliver certainty

Everyone deserves more affordable, reliable and cleaner energy. Ultimately the NEG will bring a national, modern energy system, delivering affordable, reliable and cleaner power. 

Right now, we’re assessing 1000MW of new gas-fired generation projects in New South Wales. These new gas plants can help integrate the new supplies of renewable energy projected to enter the system (around 7000 – 8000MW between now and 2021). 

That would mean stability and less pressure on prices. But we can’t make those investments if energy policy is fundamentally uncertain.

What if the states don’t support the NEG this Friday?

It will mean what Australians are experiencing today – higher prices and less reliable power – will continue. It would be desperately disappointing for the NEG to stall unnecessarily on smaller details when the bigger picture is so much more important. 

Keep customers’ needs at the forefront

The NEG is our best chance for keeping the lights on and not only taking the pressure off household energy bills but also taking energy off the front pages.

The longer we wait, the harder a fix becomes. 

Australians are counting on governments and industry to do the right thing and deliver the more affordable, reliable and cleaner energy they deserve.