On by energyAustralia

Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus are the first products to be trialled on our new customer innovation platform, On by EnergyAustralia. The purpose of On is to give us the capability to trial new solutions for customers, directly in market.

Inspired by mobile phone plans, Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus mark a step away from traditional rate-based plans where customers are charged for their energy usage by the kilowatt-hour or the time of day the energy is being used.

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Instead, like a phone plan, for a simple flat monthly fee, customers have the option of two types of plans: one with a set amount of energy, or for a few dollars extra, a plan that includes all their energy.

All products made available through On by EnergyAustralia will be in “experimental” phase which means they will be made available to a small pool of customers.  

Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus are initially available in New South Wales only.

To find out more, visit our new website www.experienceon.com.au