EnergyAustralia is full of people who want to make a difference in their work every day. We need the right support across the many areas of our business, so we can deliver our core strategic objectives. From Legal, Finance and Human Resources to Technology and Strategy, we’re working together to light the way to a better energy future. These core functions are the crucial platform on which the rest of the business is built, enabling our diverse range of business units to get on with their tasks and deliver their objectives.

Supporting the business to deliver their strategic objectives

Areas of work in Enterprise delivery


  • Capability
  • Payroll
  • Reward
  • Workforce planning
  • Business partners
  • Heath Safety Security and Environment


  • Financial control
  • Planning and reporting
  • Tax and treasury
  • Finance solutions
  • Transformation planning 


  • Portfolio governance
  • Reputation and sponsorship
  • Procurement
  • Strategic planning
  • Communications


  • IT governance
  • Design and execution
  • Service management

Legal and governance

  • Legal
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Company secretary