How to create a garden to help sell your home

How to create a garden to help sell your home

When selling a home, it’s easy to be so focused on perfecting what’s inside that we completely neglect what’s outside. Given that a potential buyer’s first impression actually takes place as they walk up the garden path to the front door, this can be a huge mistake. Thankfully, tidying up your garden isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it may seem. 

Follow these four steps to revitalise your garden before you sell. 

1. Tidy

Before you can start, you need to create a canvas you can work with. Clear out cobwebs, blast any moss-covered paths, mow the lawns, and spend an afternoon getting any major weeding done.

If you’re pressed for time, focus on tidying up the borders of your garden as this will create the illusion of a neat garden. 

2. Plan

Try to see your garden from a buyer’s perspective by approaching from a distance and taking in the overall effect rather than the little details. Take note of which areas of the garden stand out the most so you can focus your efforts. 

It’s also a good idea to walk around inside the home and look out the windows to see what the garden looks like from inside — this is an often-neglected detail that can make all the difference, especially in homes where you’ve maximised natural light.

3. Plant

What you plant depends on how far in advance you will be selling and what season it is. Look for flowers that are both easy and quick to grow like sunflowers, marigolds, alyssums, and nasturtiums. 

If you have a sunny spot in the garden, consider creating a herb garden — it requires a bit less effort and commitment than a vegetable garden, but appeals to the edible backyard movement that has become popular in recent years. 

4. Stage

Just like you stage the inside of your home to appeal to a broad range of buyers, it’s a good idea to stage your garden by rearranging or renting outdoor furnishings. A well-set patio with placemats, plates and a colourful centerpiece will go a long way to help potential buyers imagine making a home in your house.