How to stage your home for sale

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If you put a bit of thought and planning into the presentation of your house before you sell, it will make all the difference.

There are so many things you can do to maximise the appeal of your home when you’re selling. And while it’s important to get your property looking great, don’t go overboard, you don’t want to break the bank. See our tips below for inspiration.

Curb appeal

As soon as your house is listed, people will start driving by for a look, and first impressions really do count where property is concerned. Don’t list your property before you’re ready to show it off. Try to have an objective street view of your house… How does it look? Tidy up your garden and keep it clean and uncluttered until you sell - mow lawns, sweep up leaves and don’t leave toys and bikes lying around. Also, clean windows and give doors, gutters and letterboxes a lick of paint if they need it.

Go minimalist

When selling your home, less is definitely more. Try to declutter as much as you possibly can. Store away any busy knick-knacks (including all toys) leaving surfaces clean and fresh. Remove any personal family photos and think of the space more like a generic display home. Keep the colour palette as neutral as possible, save for a few strategically placed coloured cushions and vases (full of flowers when you have an open house, of course).

Keep it clean

Use a professional cleaning service if you need to, but always keep your house pristine – inside and out. Potential buyers don’t want to see or smell any remnants of messy children or pets. Be very mindful of bathrooms and toilets, make sure they smell fresh and keep them stocked with clean, fluffy towels. Use an oil burner to create an inviting ambience as well.

Fix it

While you don’t want to spend too much money on repairs, it pays to have a look over the house and think about what could potentially put buyers off. Your real estate agent can help advise you too. Do you have tired looking wallpaper or old carpet that really should go? Could those grotty walls do with a quick slap of paint? Also, think about hinges and handles on doors and windows.

Now that your home’s looking refreshed, it’s time to put it on the market. Your real estate agent may have a few styling tips for your first open house, so don’t forget to ask him/her.

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