How to maximise natural light in your new home

How to maximise natural light in your new home

Not only does bringing more natural light into your home contribute to improving your mood and health, it also helps you save on electricity. Think about ways you can fit out your new place with these clever ideas.

If you want to reduce the amount of electricity your lights use, try maximising the amount of natural light in your home instead. Not only will you be flicking the switch less often, these ideas will also help create the illusion of your rooms looking even bigger - a clever way of adding value to your house when it comes time to sell.

Use light colours

Paint the walls and ceilings a light colour. White will always reflect natural light the best. However if you love colour then go for very light shades of blue, green, yellow or neutrals. Avoid heavy, dark shades such as orange, red or black that absorb light. And paint wooden window trims with a high-gloss paint, which will further reflect light.

Make use of mirrors

A well-placed mirror can work wonders in a dark room. A large mirror set opposite a window or lamp, can create a big light reflection. If you’re keen on a really dramatic look you could even mirror tile an entire wall. If you prefer a more subtle effect, small, mirrored photo frames can help draw in the light.

Change your door

Instead of a solid wooden door, install one with a stylish glass panel so extra light can stream through the front of your home. There are many options depending on security needs and tastes.

The right flooring

Light-toned, polished wooden floorboards are another great light reflector. But if you’re a carpet fan, then choose one in a light tone. Neutrals are an ideal option. Never go for black or dark brown – no matter how much it hides the dirt!

Position furniture correctly

If possible, don’t directly block a window’s light stream and avoid placing furniture to the sides of windows, particularly if it’s something such as a heavy, dark couch. And remember, light-coloured furnishings will always help create the illusion of a light room.

Window wonders

If you have pokey windows, consider installing larger ones. You could even opt for a big glass sliding door if you have a nice backyard. To harness maximum light from a window, always pull blinds back as far as they’ll go and avoid using heavy, dark curtains.

Once you put these nifty ideas into practice, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll be saving on your energy bill just by letting in more sunshine. To see the kind of savings you could be making on both electricity and gas, check out our online energy calculator.