How a baby can change your household

How a baby can change your household

Before baby comes along it makes sense to evaluate how your life will change. Plan ahead to make the most of your little bundle of energy.

It’s well-known that babies, especially newborns, require a lot of energy. And not just your physical, emotional and mental exertion, but also the energy needs of your home.

As soon as baby arrives you’re overwhelmed with an innate desire to nurture and protect. And your home plays an important role in making your baby comfortable.

Farewell free time and personal space

A new baby in the house will mean big changes to your daily routine. If time permits, try evaluating your home before baby arrives. A pre-baby clean and declutter will be well worth it and may even reveal some clever ways to create more space. You may even need to consider a move if you current home is unlikely to meet future family needs.

The house that rarely sleeps

As you begin a new routine of micro sleeps, late-night feeds, visiting grandparents and growing chores, your energy needs will also change. Lights will be switched on for longer – if not 24/7; the kettle will boil and brew at more regular intervals; the TV will stay on later into the night to keep you company while feeding; and lullaby music will be played continuously to soothe your precious bundle to sleep. So take the time to reassess your current energy plan to determine if it can meet your new family needs. 

Washing on high rotation

Even if you don’t opt for reusable cloth nappies, your washing pile will go through the roof. Babies are known to be messy so there will be a regular pile of onesies, sheets, bibs and clothes to wash. Your washing machine is going to get the workout of its life, so it’s a good time to ensure your model is energy efficient.

Temperature police

Your heating and cooling needs will certainly increase as you to make your baby as comfortable as possible. Try a bedroom thermometer to ensure your heating and cooling is correct.

Plan ahead

Assess your costs ahead of time so there are no surprises. To balance future costs, consider ways to make your home more energy efficient. Do so and you may be rewarded with more time and money to spend on your newborn.