Surprising ways to create more space in your home

Most of us tend to accumulate things daily, leading to loads of unnecessary and unsightly clutter in our homes. Use these tips to help give your dwelling some breathing space.

Want to create more space in your home? Here's how:

Gift it

Give away your unwanted and unused items. Your trash might be someone else’s tantalizing treasure!

Light me up

Make sure walls, furniture and window coverings are light hued. No dark colours or crazy patterns needed here!

Smart furniture

Buy multipurpose furniture! A chair with hidden storage or a table that doubles as a desk expands limited space.

Mirror magic

A strategically placed mirrors makes small places appear large Invest in a piece that is fashionable and functional.

Go minimalist

The less clutter you own, the more your house will feel like a home. Choose simple furniture and choose fittings wisely.

With a bit of imagination and effort you can transform your home from poky to roomy in no time at all.

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