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We’re pretty easy going at EnergyAustralia. But we have three core values. They define what we do and how we do it. Stating our values is one thing. But acting on them – that’s what we think is really important. So we make sure our values are not just about words in a policy document, but about how we act and behave. Every day in everything we do. 

Our values define everything we do

Our Code of Conduct

We all benefit from a shared understanding of what's appropriate when it comes to how we go about our business. That's where our Code of Conduct comes in. It outlines what's expected of us.

Just as important is supporting our people, and others we work with, who are concerned about something they’ve seen or heard. Our Whistleblowing Policy outlines how instances of possible misconduct can be raised by certain parties. As well as being able to make reports directly to our People team or Group Internal Audit, reports can be made anonymously via an independently operated whistleblower hotline.

To access further information about Whistleblowing please click here.