Generate and store your own energy 

Solar PV and batteries can help your business lower its energy consumption from the grid with the potential for cost savings and sustainability improvements. Our partner Cherry Energy Solutions is a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer with over 10 years industry experience and a meticulous approach to safety. Together we can tailor a solution to meet your business needs.

When paired with a solar PV system, battery storage can help your business reduce energy costs by retaining and using more self-generated energy at times and on days there is no sun. Battery storage can also assist your business to participate in Demand Response. There are several types of grants, rebates and incentives that business customers with solar power can be eligible for.

Eligible EnergyAustralia large business electricity customers can now access on-bill financing for energy solutions. To find out more about solar/ battery solutions and financing options please contact your account manager, our dedicated service team or submit an online query

Solar PV & battery storage

Why Solar PV & Battery Storage

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Manage peak demand related charges
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your business
  • Improve your business's environmental credentials