The new EnergyAustralia FAQs

Why TRUenergy has changed its name to EnergyAustralia

In 2011, TRUenergy bought EnergyAustralia – one of the largest energy retailers in New South Wales – from the NSW Government.

Our move to a single brand will better reflect our national business and will also allow us to achieve better cost efficiencies.

How will this name change affect me?

Although we’ve changed our name, your current contract supply arrangements, including any discounts or benefits, will continue as normal.

Why did TRUenergy purchase these energy assets?

The purchase of EnergyAustralia made TRUenergy one of Australia's largest energy providers.

The combination of the gentrader electricity supply contract, power station development sites and the former EnergyAustralia retail customer base ensures that the company can continue to offer a broad range of competitive energy products and plans.

When will this name change take effect?

TRUenergy officially changed its name to EnergyAustralia on 8 October 2012. You may have seen the new brand in use before this date. 

Was this name change the reason for my electricity and gas price increase?

No, the most recent price increase on 1 July 2012 was largely due to increased network costs and the introduction of the carbon price. 

Any price increases will continue to be subject to regulatory requirements and you will be notified prior to any changes taking place.

You will still continue to receive competitive products and plans under our EnergyAustralia brand.

What energy assets did TRUenergy purchase from the NSW Government?

TRUenergy acquired EnergyAustralia's retail business, the Delta Western GenTrader bundle for the Mount Piper (1400MW) and Wallerawang (1000MW) coal-fired power stations, plus three power station development sites for a total of $2.035 billion.