Growing our clean asset portfolio

Investing for a brighter energy future 

Fossil fuel generation is gradually being replaced by lower emissions technologies. As a big emitter of carbon dioxide, it’s up to us to lead the transition to cleaner energy, while ensuring that all Australians can continue to access power reliably and at a reasonable cost.  

Australia’s transition to a renewables-based power system calls for more assets to be capable of operating flexibly to supply electricity when it’s needed, like a back-up, which can be wound down fast when renewable energy is abundant. 

This means building more battery storage and low emissions power stations to deliver reliable power, even when the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind doesn’t blow. We’re doing our part to build this future with a pipeline of exciting projects committed. 

Construction is underway: 

  •  Tallawarra B peaking power station, to be powered by a blend of gas and green hydrogen with direct emissions offset, 316MW, New South Wales

Construction is committed:

  •  Wooreen battery electricity storage, 350MW/1400MWh, Victoria

Contracted projects:

  •  Kidston pumped hydro electricity storage, 240MW/2000MWh, Queensland  
  •  Darlington Point battery electricity storage, 25MW/33MWh, NSW  
  •  Riverina battery electricity storage, 65MW/87MWh, NSW  

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Pictured: Construction is underway of the Tallawarra B power station in New South Wales.