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Busting myths about solar energy

Busting myths about solar energy

If you'd like to save on energy costs but aren’t sure whether you'd benefit from solar power, we crack some popular myths to help clear up the confusion.

1. You need a lot of sun

While many people believe that solar panels won't work in cool or cloudy conditions, this is just a myth. Solar panels, which rely on UV light, also work on overcast or foggy days – and they're even more efficient when they're cool. Consider that Germany, where there are many cloudy days, is the world's leading residential solar energy producer.

2. Solar panels are ugly

While solar systems of the past may have been considered bulky and unattractive, solar panel design has come a long way over the years. Thanks to upgrades such as thin and non-reflective solar roofing shingles, there’s now solar systems available which are designed to look good – black, sleek and a discreet design that are easily integrated onto any roof for a beautiful, modern home.

3. They're expensive

Solar panels aren’t just for the wealthy. On the contrary, advances in solar technology production are making solar energy systems more affordable than ever for the average homeowner. In many cases you can buy a solar energy system for your home with little money down, allowing you to reap the benefits of solar immediately while the system pays for itself over time.

4. They require too much maintenance

Solar panels don't contain moving parts, which means you don't need to do anything special to keep them running. While the general recommendation is to clean your panels once a year, even that's no longer a hard and fast rule. Today's high performance solar panels can provide high output even when dirty.

5. I should wait for solar technology to improve

Unlike computers and mobile devices, basic solar energy technology has remained relatively stable over the years. Given solar energy's technological stability and affordability, you could be forfeiting energy savings by waiting too long. And remember, the solar technology you invest in today will continue to work for decades, meaning you won't have to upgrade every few years.
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