Top Tips For Spring Cleaning

Vacuuming rug

Spring is here, which means it’s time to air out your house after months of being closed up against the cold and generally get organised by way of the annual spring clean. 

We know it’s not exactly a fun task, so we asked some top home and lifestyle bloggers for their tips to get you motivated. 

Vivian Panagos, Blogger/Interior Designer @ Ish & Chi

Before starting a spring clean, spend some time decluttering and organising wardrobes and drawers. If you’re like me, you will have accumulated things over the months that you may no longer need or use. 

This time of the year is a great time to recycle the old and look at organising the rest. Then you can tackle the cleaning, starting from the top – cleaning your ceiling mouldings, light fixtures, windows, dusting your art. Wipe down walls, cabinets and joinery, and move furniture and rugs to vacuum underneath. A bonus – you might find a few lost coins in the process too.


Gina Ciancio – Editor @ Style Curator

When it comes to spring cleaning, there are three things I do to refresh my interiors - clean (of course!), declutter and rearrange to find new ways of using existing pieces to make them feel new again.  

Top Spring cleaning tip: create an essentials caddy of cleaning products that you can easy take from room to room. Create a plan on how to tackle the cleaning and work through it systematically (don't forget to delegate tasks to whoever you can!). 

Top decluttering tip: simplify your home by donating, selling or getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose. Try to only 'touch an item once' before deciding if you'll keep or get rid of it, and work your way through one zone at a time. Decluttering becomes hard when we keep going around in circles. 

Top tip to make old feel new: rather than always buying new decor every season, I like to make my interiors feel fresh by moving things about, creating new arrangements or adjusting the colour palette slightly by introducing only a few new pieces. Interiors are becoming increasingly fashion driven but constantly buying new is expensive and wasteful.


Amy Darcy – Founder & Editor @ Eat Pray Workout

Often the hardest thing about doing a spring clean of your house is how overwhelmingly BIG the job can seem. Here’s what I’ve found combats this:

  1. List in detail the jobs you want to do (the more you tick, the more satisfied     you’ll feel so list the little things too!)
  2. Prioritise that list from most to least important so you know where to start
  3. Prepare any cleaning products you need prior to starting
  4. Allow yourself to find satisfaction in this work – don’t look for it elsewhere because this causes procrastination
  5. JUST DO IT! Starting is the hardest part
  6. Reward yourself with a nice walk, a yummy treat, a massage or whatever will motivate you to get that cleaning done!


Michelle Thompson-Laing – Founder & Editor @ Keep Calm Get Organised

When you're spring cleaning, focus on decluttering each area you are working on before cleaning it. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to clean! 

If you're cleaning inside the kitchen cupboards, declutter the appliances and streamline the coffee cup collection. My motto is "do you need it, do you love it, do you use it".

If the answer is no... out it goes. Just because something was expensive or you may use it "one day", doesn't mean you should keep it. Be ruthless; don't keep things just in case.

Spring is the perfect time to clear the clutter and freshen things up. It’s also a good time to think about getting your place summer ready  by making sure you’re on the best energy plan to help you avoid a bill spike when it’s time to turn on the air con.


Spring cleaning year-round infographic