Six summer updates for your home

Six summer updates for your home

When summer is just around the corner, it means a pleasant dose of radiant sunshine and backyard barbecues, but it also means dry heat – and lots of it! Get your home prepared for the balmy months to come by following these simple steps.

1. Check and maintain your cooling system

It’s best to make sure everything’s squeaky clean and in order with your home’s cooling system before the summer heatwaves begin.

Start by cleaning out the filters. Once the filters are clear, test the thermostat (if you have a split system or ducted cooling), and turn on your cooling system to see if it’s working properly and providing you with enough cool air. Don’t forget to check outdoors. If you have a split system, make sure the external condensing unit is clean and clear of debris.

2. Change the direction of your ceiling fans

Freshen your airflow in the house. Turn your ceiling fan switch to summer mode, turning it to counter-clockwise (the blades are tilted upward as they spin). This pushes air downwards and creates a stronger draft.

3. Switch up your decor

Make changes around the house, such as stowing away winter bedding, heavy draperies and heaters. Replace candles with fresh-cut summer flowers. Trade in bulky rugs or mats with lightweight, light-coloured ones.

4. Clean out your cupboards

Do a wardrobe spring clean if you haven’t already. Go through your closet and pick out items that could easily be given away to charity. While you’re in there, don’t be afraid to rearrange your wardrobe.

Clear out your kitchen and bathroom cabinets – throw out anything that has expired, looks dodgy or smells weird.

5. Update your outdoors

Freshen up the outside area around your home. Mow the lawns and spruce up any dank areas in your yard. If you live in fire-prone areas, cutting back vegetation would be wise.

Clean your barbecue and fill up the gas tank, ready for your summer entertaining. Make sure you clean up any leaves and gunk in the area around the barbecue.

Install awnings and sunshades to keep you cool  during harsher days.

6. Review your paperwork

Take the opportunity to review and update any paperwork that may need attention, such as insurance policies, contracts, household inventories, plans with telecommunication providers and anything else you can think of.

Summer and the New Year are good reasons to spruce things up in your home and your life! It's also a good time to plan for the year ahead and make sure you're on the best electricity and gas plan to suit your needs.  Easy breezy!