Tips For A Successful Sea Change


Before you head for the hills or succumb to the sea, plan your relocation well for a stress-free move.

Leaving the city lights

Preparation will be your best friend for a successful transfer from the big smoke. The more organised you are the more you’ll be able to enjoy your new landscape upon arrival. After all, it’s a lifestyle change you’re after so capitalise on the benefits early on.

Moving priorities

There’s always a long to-do list with any move. But there are some tasks that are more important than others. A small amount of chaos is inevitable, but get on top of some key jobs and you’ll reap the rewards.

Get connected

Mid-move is probably not the time for feeling disconnected – there will be time for that later. Talk to your phone and internet provider early on for a seamless changeover. Being connected will help you get organised with other tasks during the move.

Gas and electricity are other utilities you can’t go without, so make sure you book your move. Depending on how remote your location is, opting for a sea or tree change may require a few extra steps in the connection process. Not all areas will have the services you require, so make sure you’re aware of what you need compared to what's available.

Go local

Take time ahead of moving day to explore your new area. Discover where your nearest supermarket, doctor, petrol station, bakery, public transport and hardware stores are. You may come to rely on these services. Make sure you introduce yourself to neighbours and people in the community early on. Being part of the community is important, particularly in remote areas or small populations.

Sea bound

A life by the sea can be exciting, but it may also present unique challenges. Understand the importance of seasonal changes – while you may be sold on the idea of summer by the sea, winter is a very different beast.

Tree retreat

Don’t get lost in the romanticism of your new rural home. Living in a bush or forest setting has its own set of trials. Be prepared with bushfire plans, farming skills and know your local flora and fauna.

For many people, a sea or tree change is a long-held ambition. Plan well and be realistic with your expectations to ensure your move is everything you dreamed it would be.