Tips for keeping your baby safe at home

Tips for keeping your baby safe at home

Welcoming a new baby into your home could mean a few changes around the house, because once they start crawling, walking and climbing, their safety becomes a priority.

Here are practical tips to keep your little ones protected and to bring you some peace of mind.

Keep appliances out of reach

It is a good idea to unplug any unused appliances, particularly gadgets like hairdryers and electric shavers, and store them out of reach. Kitchen appliances such as electric kettles and toasters are best stored away from the edge of the counter. Space heaters can also pose a possible hazard and are safest when kept behind furniture and away from wet areas such as bathrooms.

Protect electric sockets 

Use plastic plug-in covers to keep your electrical sockets safe from fingers. Equally, keep your electrical cords short to eliminate any potential tangles with arms and legs.

Use safety gates

Safety gates are handy for cordoning off areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or staircase.

Lock windows

Keeping your windows locked – especially on your upper floors – not only potentially safeguards your children against danger but brings you peace of mind, too. To allow a little fresh air inside, consider installing latches that will lock your window open at 10cm. Placing large furniture pieces like beds and couches away from windows can also help you create a safer living environment. 

Wrap up blind cords

Consider keeping your blind cords short and stored securely. Wrap your dangling cords in a cleat, a metal or plastic hook that’s screwed to the wall or clipped around the cord, or consider using curtain rods instead of tracks with cord.

Prevent doors slamming 

Stop your doors from slamming shut by using a wedge, latch, or even a towel thrown over the top of the door. You can also buy special strips to fix to the door jamb to prevent doors closing. 

Install childproof locks

Storing breakables such as ornaments and glasses out of reach will give you peace of mind. Also, install childproof locks on kitchen drawers full of sharp utensils and on medicine cabinets.

Safeguard your balcony 

Erect a safety gate blocking access to the balcony. Consider keeping objects such as chairs and pot plants (anything climbable) away from the railing and, if the gaps between the railings are more than 6.5cm wide, cover them with safety netting or boards.

Adapting your home to cater for your growing children is well worth the investment. Did you know that babies can change energy consumption patterns in the house? You can review your home’s current energy plan and talk to us about the best one for now and into the future.