Quick Tricks For Solving Moving House Problems

Top 4 Moving House Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Newsflash: your moving-house obstacles are normal. Experiencing a totally seamless move is about as likely as spotting a unicorn. Let’s look at the four most common moving problems and the quick fixes that will make moving home a breeze.

Your furniture doesn’t fit through the door

Forgot to measure your new door against your old furniture? Your first plan of attack is to check to see if your furniture can be dismantled. If so, you’re in luck – dismantle while making notes of things like which screw goes where so you can put it back together with ease once it’s inside your new house. If it can’t be dismantled, see if you can find a large window and a safe way of getting the piece through it. Too big to fit? Then consider selling your old furniture and use the funds to buy a smaller version.

You’ve got a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it 

During your property inspection you failed to notice there are only four kitchen cabinets where you had 12 before, and one built-in cupboard where you had four. Now, unpacking after moving house can be a nightmare. First step: give anything you haven’t used in six months to a friend or put it in a charity bin. If you’re still lacking space, get creative. Find cheap storage boxes and store items you only use occasionally in the garage or under the bed, and keep items in boxes until you have time to invest in an additional set of drawers or moveable clothes rack.

No one knows your new address 

Between packing, moving and unpacking a new house, it’s pretty easy to forget to let anyone know that you are changing address. First of all, don’t panic. This is probably the most quickly solved and least problematic of all problems. First, create a change of address checklist, covering off everyone from your GP to your Great Aunt Millie. Send out a mass text or email, and check our comprehensive guide to who needs to know your new address when you move

The utilities aren’t connected 

Suddenly realising you forgot to connect electricity and gas and other utilities is a very common problem that is easily fixed. Call your energy provider and politely explain the problem and your urgency – they’re likely to prioritise the job so you’re connected in good time. If worst comes to worst, shower at a mate’s, get out the candles and order some pizza! We have experts in moving house who can generally speed up the normal three-day waiting period for a gas and electricity connection.