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Home automation: 4 ways to save

Home automation: 4 ways to save

Are you across the many smart and easy upgrades you could be using in your home? Here's a look at four home automation ideas that could make your life more efficient.

1. Smart lighting

Having lights on when they're not needed can run up your energy bill. One way to cut down on costs is by investing in smart light bulbs. Today's smart bulbs not only allow you to remotely turn them on and off with your smartphone, but can also automatically adjust their output depending on how much light is needed. While they may cost slightly more up front, smart LED bulbs could reduce your lighting costs by up to 50 per cent.

2. Smart appliances

No longer limited to basic ovens and refrigerators, many manufacturers are now offering appliances that can adjust their electricity usage throughout the day. These smart appliances save you money by automatically switching their usage to off-peak hours, when electricity is charged out at a lower price. For example, instead of going on straight after dinner, a smart dishwasher can switch on automatically at later at night when rates are lower. With hot water heating consuming 25 per cent of all energy use in the home, this can add up to significant savings.

3. Smart watering systems

Automated sprinkler systems have been around for years, but not like this. Today's smart sprinklers can respond to real-time weather conditions, using moisture sensors to detect when your lawn needs watering. You can also use your smartphone to manually control the watering of your lawns from anywhere in the world. That means no more wasting water by having your sprinklers on when it's raining.

4. Smart thermostats and air conditioners

Heating and cooling costs can eat up the biggest portion of your electricity bill. Many conventional heating and cooling systems tend to be inefficient, making it harder to regulate the temperature in your home. Smart, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats help solve this problem by automatically adjusting to ambient conditions in your home, learning from past behaviours and letting you control the temperature setting with your mobile device from anywhere in the world.
Home automation can help make your home more energy efficient by giving you more control over your energy usage. You can also save by making sure you're on the right electricity and gas plan for your needs.