Waterloo Wind Farm Stage 2

A project to add six new turbines to Waterloo wind farm is expected to start in March 2016.

Waterloo 2

Palisade and Northleaf Capital, Waterloo’s joint-owners, will fund the $43 million construction project.  Construction will be managed by a specialist team with support from the existing EnergyAustralia Asset Management team.

What will it look like?

Six new turbines are to be added to the ridgeline immediately south of the existing Waterloo wind farm.

These new turbines will be latest model Vestas V117 wind turbines capable of producing more energy whilst operating well within South Australia’s strict noise guidelines.

While taller than the existing turbines already on site, all six new turbines will appear to be at the same height as the existing turbines, as the ridgeline on which they will be built is lower.

New turbines will be connected to the existing transmission lines and operations facility, reducing the need for additional new infrastructure onsite.

More clean energy for customers

Additional turbines at Waterloo were always envisaged as a part of the original development project.  Now, after five years of solid performance from the wind farm, these additional turbines will increase the amount of clean energy that can be produced for customers.

New turbines will bring Waterloo’s total capacity to over 130MW a year.  This is enough clean energy to supply over 50,000 homes.

Choosing wind energy is important to reduce our consumption of carbon-intensive fossil fuels.  By adding to the existing wind farm - and using infrastructure already in place - we gain more clean energy with less impact on the local community and the environment.

Community input

Community engagement is an important part of activities.  It allows the project team to understand residents’ views and adjust the approach if necessary.

A Community Liaison Group (CLG) has been running now for over three years to help better understand local views and provide more detailed updates about the Waterloo projects.

We also aim to work in partnership to make the local area better for all.   Find out more about the Mid North (CLG).

Project Benefits

Palisade and Northleaf Capital, Waterloo’s joint-owners, will fund the $43 million construction of Waterloo Stage 2.  Of this, $2.3 million is expected to flow directly to the local economy.

Other benefits expected to be delivered as part of this project include:

  • 130 jobs during construction, with jobs for local workers a priority
  • Use of local businesses such as earthmoving, hospitality, fencing and environmental management
  • Improvement to the local roads and infrastructure
  • Contribution to local vegetation improvement programs
  • Additional funds put into supporting community programs
  • An extra 31,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere.

Contact us

Want to know more about Waterloo Stage 2? Contact us at talktous@energyaustralia.com.au or by phone on 0408 547 869.

Further information can be found on the Waterloo Stage 2 FAQ page.

Waterloo Wind Farm

Waterloo currently supplies enough clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 228,000 tonnes annually.

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