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Operating since October 2010, Waterloo’s 37 turbines generate clean energy to a number of homes in South Australia.

About Waterloo Wind Farm


February 2016

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Waterloo’s windy location

Waterloo is located 30km from the town of Clare and about 9km east of Manoora.

Situated along a rocky ridge on privately owned property and surrounded by gently sloping farmland, Waterloo has easy main road access and nearby supporting infrastructure.

The wind farm consists of:

  • 37 turbines mounted on 80-metre high towers
  • a generation capacity of 111 megawatts (MW)
  • 1.8kms of 132-kilovolt transmission line that connects the Waterloo substation into the South Australian network via the Waterloo East substation

An ideal site for a wind farm

South Australia has some of the best wind resources in the world. Strong winds, known as the ‘Roaring 40s’, regularly blow across this region. These gusts accelerate as they pass over nearby hills and ridgelines resulting in very high wind speeds.

Other factors make this site ideal:

  • low housing density in the surrounds
  • good access to the electricity transmission network
  • supportive local and state government planning schemes
  • minimal environmental and cultural heritage constraints

Working with landholders

We have a strong working relationship with the property owners who host our Waterloo wind turbines on their land.

As an important part of our wind farm projects, we regularly keep our landholders informed about our operations and work together to resolve any concerns that may arise.

Working with the community

Community consultation gives us a greater understanding of the local community’s opinions, priorities and expectations.

Community consultation plays an important role in helping us manage our wind farm and allows us to keep landowners, neighbours and residents updated with relevant information about our projects.

We’ve established a Community Liaison Group (CLG) for those who are interested in regular updates on our operations and developments.

Would you like to be involved?

Supporting the community

As a member of South Australia’s Mid North community we recognise the importance of creating long-lasting partnerships with others in the area we operate in and where our employees live.

We like to be involved with events and organisations that meet the needs of the broader community.

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