Every year, EnergyAustralia accepts applications for grant funding to be used by local organisations who can address key social issues currently facing the regions around our sites and offices of Geelong, Hallett, Mt Piper, Tallawarra and Yallourn.

Selection Criteria

EnergyAustralia has two priority areas for grant funding. To be considered for funding, activities must address one of these areas:

  • Education: Funding aimed at promoting education and knowledge acquisition. This can include programs with a social or environmental focus and organisations which support career or skill development. 
  • Social inclusion: Funding aimed at facilitating social inclusion. This is aimed at initiatives that support community cohesion and can include such things as men’s sheds, upgrading communal facilities, improving local amenities and supporting vulnerable community members. 

Applications will be reviewed against these criteria:

  • The organisation: The applicant has a clear purpose, clearly understands who it is targeting and how it addresses the issue.
  • Social Issue: The issue is important to the local community and addresses one of the outlined priority areas. The applicant should demonstrate that the project is directed at solving problems in a sustainable way rather than providing short-term relief from symptoms or long-term dependency.
  • Funding: The proposal clearly outlines how donated funds will be utilised. The grant amount should cover a significant part, if not all, of the total project cost.
  • Measures: There are measures in place to evaluate project success.

Please read the Community Grant Guidelines PDF prior to submitting your application.

Part one: Applicant Details


Part two: Event/Project Details

Provide an overview of your event/program/project. Explain how the project addresses EnergyAustralia’s priority areas for funding:

  • Social inclusion (feeling included and valued by the community); and/or
  • Education and knowledge acquisition

    What outcome are you hoping to see from the project? How will you measure the results/success of the project against your objectives?

    Are there opportunities for EnergyAustralia employees to assist the project or organisation with either skilled or unskilled volunteering? Is there any other in-kind support requested?

    Part three: Grant Funding

    We will prioritise funding to projects where the grant amount is a significant percentage of the total project funds.

    Please outline how funds from the grant will be used, including any other sources of secured or requested funding.

    Part four: Additional Information

    Who is the best contact to provide a media comment?

    Part five: Reporting Requirements

    If you are selected as a recipient of an EnergyAustralia Community grant, we will keep in touch on the status of your project and results. We are also interested in any photos, reporting, participant feedback/surveys or impacts your project may have available to share for reporting, internal and external communications. By submitting your application, you agree to be report project results to EnergyAustralia as requested.

    We value your privacy. Your personal details will be used in accordance with EnergyAustralia's Privacy Policy.