Jonathan, Business Analyst


I think the best thing about working here is the supportive culture. I’ve got a really supportive team, and EnergyAustralia have provided me with a lot of training and guidance that has helped me develop my career in many ways. 

My background was in business information systems and I think my best attribute is attention to detail. I’m also a car enthusiast and I love collecting watches. 

All of my experience has been building up to this role.

Graduating from RMIT with a Bachelor of Business (Business Information Systems), I’ve been in the technology industry since 2010. I focused on end-to-end technology delivery which covers testing, release management, and every different type of role required in technology. I feel like all my experience has been building up to the role I’m in now. It has given me a solid foundation as a business analyst. 

The first thing I noticed on joining EnergyAustralia was the welcoming culture. It is open to everyone and supports all ambitions. Development is so important here and I’ve found the managers really want to see you go further in your career. That’s what makes me want to come to work every day. 

I’ve found EnergyAustralia is very adaptive and receptive to new ideas.

A key part of my role is to keep evolving what we do, and the managers encourage us to look for process and practice improvements. This suits me because I have a lot of ideas. In other organisations there might be a more rigid framework, however here if I see a good idea I can go ahead and implement it.