There are a number of reasons why we may give refunds, such as an over payment or a payment 

All refund requests will be subject to a manual review. If we investigate a refund request and 
decide that the charge is valid, then we won’t provide a refund.

Unless you tell us otherwise, refunds will be processed back to you in the same way you made the 

Below is an indicative timeframe on when you may receive the refund once we have approved it:-

  • Cheque: 7‐10 business days
  • EFT: 3‐4 business days
  • Credit Card: 48 hours

We are not able to provide refund in cash.

If you wish to request a refund, please contact us through live chat or Call us. Or if you are registered or wish to register for My Account, you can click on the My Account link.