FF&Y/Employee Discount plan

What is the Family and Friends offer?

The offer is designed for the family and friends of EnergyAustralia employees (permanent and maximum term) who live in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland. The offer provides access to exclusive discounts when customers pay on time with the Flexi Saver – Home plan.

What are the benefits of the Family and Friends offer?

The family and friends offer provides exclusive discounts when you pay on time on the Flexi Saver plan. At the time of publishing, the discounts offered in each state are more competitive than any other EnergyAustralia offer currently available in the market.

  • Best Discount Guarantee
  • Carbon Offset Benefit
  • VIP service
  • No lock-in contract
  • No exit fees
  • 1 year benefit term
  • Available with solar (via phoning our contact centre only) and Greenpower options

What is the best discount guarantee?

Every quarter EnergyAustralia will review the current deal to ensure it’s better than their best in-market, generally available offers (excluding corporate and limited/targeted offers and campaigns).

Both new and existing family and friends customers are eligible. Updates to their plan will occur automatically once the quarterly review process commences on 30 September 2017.

Are there any exit fees on this plan?

No. There are no exit fees on the Flexi Saver - Home plan.

Why are the discounts different for each state?

Discounts vary based on the network charges and tariffs relative to each state. Our family and friends discounts vary in the same way that our residential discounts do, reflecting state-by-state cost variations.

How to take up the offer

How do my family and friends sign up for the offer?

To sign up to the exclusive Family and Friends offer, simply visit the dedicated website (energyaustralia.com.au/familyandfriends) or call 1800 049 503 between Monday to Friday, 8am to 6.30pm EST). Be sure to share your unique offer code so your family and friends can prove their eligibility.

Eligibility and exclusions

Am I eligible to receive a Family and Friends offer code?

To be eligible for a code you must be an EnergyAustralia employee (this includes EnergyAustralia NSW employees) and on the EnergyAustralia payroll (permanent or maximum term). Your eligibility to participate will continue for the period you are employed by EnergyAustralia as a permanent or maximum term employee.

Current employees of Yallourn Alliance Partners have special friend status, and may participate for so long as they continue to be employees of a Yallourn Alliance Partner.

Who can I provide my offer code to?

You must provide your offer code directly to your family and friends for them to be eligible for this exclusive offer. Your offer code is not be shared with those you don’t know.

I’m a new EnergyAustralia employee in my probation period, am I eligible for a family friends offer code?

Yes. EnergyAustralia employees who are still within their probation period can register for a Family and Friends offer code. Contact us, Call: 1800 107 928, Email: ffy@energyaustralia.com.au

What happens if I’m no longer an EnergyAustralia employee?

Your offer code will be deactivated but this will not impact your friends and family as they will remain on the offer for the benefit term and will be notified of any changes.

Some of my family and friends are current EnergyAustralia customers. Are they eligible for the offer?

Yes. Family and friends of EnergyAustralia employees who are existing EnergyAustralia customers are eligible to take up the offer.

I have a friend/family member on solar tariff. Are they eligible?

Yes. Family and friends of EnergyAustralia employees with solar are eligible to take up the offer.

Please note: Victorian solar customers who receive the Standard Feed in Tariff (SFIT) will lose their eligibility to this scheme if changing retailer. They will instead be eligible for the current Victorian Feed in Tariff.


Am I eligible to receive the 20,000 Velocity points when I am on the Employee Discount plan?

No. The 20,000 Velocity points promotional offer is only applicable to new customers. Note: The offer reduces to 10,000 points after May 31 when the promotional period ends.

Am I eligible to receive the 20,000 Velocity points when I am on the Family, Friends and You (FF&Y) discount plan?

No. The 20,000 Velocity points promotional offer is only applicable to new customers. Note: The offer reduces to 10,000 points after May 31 when the promotional period ends.

How do I sign up to obtain the benefits associated to the Velocity plan?

You can sign up for the Anytime Saver plan with Velocity benefits by contacting the FF&Y sales team by 31 May 2017. If you’re seeking to obtain the benefits associated with the Velocity partnership as an existing customer, please log onto your My Account and follow the prompts under the Velocity tab.

How long does it take to receive my voucher/points associated with the Velocity plan, after the first bill?

Your voucher should be issued via email within 10 business days. Velocity points will be added within 10 business days of the customer’s first bill being sent. If you haven’t received anything after the allocated time, please call us on 133 466.

What is EnergyAustralia’s benefit in the Sydney Opera House partnership

By working alongside one of Australia’s most loved and recognised icons, EnergyAustralia has the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to helping customers meet their sustainability targets.

We want to lead the industry in developing reliable, affordable and cleaner supplies of energy for all Australians. While the innovative solutions developed for the Sydney Opera House will help meet their carbon neutral by 2023 target, we hope these innovations can be adopted by other customers.

Does EnergyAustralia have future endeavours to partner with more Australian icons?


Major acquisition campaign (current in market campaign promotes our competitive discount + 20% GreenPower at no additional cost.)

As the FF&Y/Employee Discount plan is on a best discount guarantee, when will the discounts be reviewed again?

All VIP plans are reviewed quarterly to ensure they’re still the best in market offer.

Why has our discount not changed in two years?

The current VIP offers are still above any in market offer, therefore no change is required.

Green Power

How does my contribution make a difference?

When you add 20% GreenPower to your electricity plan, the equivalent of 20% of your home’s electricity usage is added to the grid from a renewable source such as solar or wind.

ACCC to review electricity prices

Why is EnergyAustralia being investigated?

The federal government has directed the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) to look into retail electricity prices.

The review will scrutinise all energy retailer’s behaviour and the contracts offered to residential and business customers.

EnergyAustralia will provide assistance to the ACCC in case there’s opportunity to take action on removing cost and complexity from the system, so customers can have confidence in the market.

Rate change (NSW, SA, QLD, ACT and Vic)

Where can I find out about rate changes in each state?

You can view information about all rate changes on the EnergyAustralia website.

Technical difficulties

Why is my code not working?

If an offer code has recently been requested it can take up to five business days for the code to become active in our system. If you, your family member or friend would like to take up this offer sooner, you can contact our FF&Y team on 1800 049 503. If after five business days the offer code is still not working, please email ffy@energyaustralia.com.au or call 1800 107 928 to confirm the offer code is valid.

The website doesn’t look right on my computer, is there a problem?

The Family and Friends website has been built for all new browsers and displays best in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 and above. If you’re having problems with the link, please try accessing the page from a more updated browser or get in contact with the team to help with your query.

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