A guide to some of Australia's eco-friendly eateries

A guide to some of Australia's eco-friendly eateries

From recycling kitchen water to implementing solar heating and cooling, these environmentally-friendly restaurants are taking sustainability to new heights. Here's a look at some of Australia’s 'eco-eateries':

South of Johnston - Collingwood, Melbourne

Located in the environmentally-conscious neighbourhood of Collingwood, South of Johnston on Oxford Street is Australia’s first 100 per cent solar-powered eatery. The popular warehouse cafe has no fewer than 40 solar panels on its roof, and these supply the restaurant’s entire heating and cooling requirements. Out front, plants in recycled wooden crates provide the restaurant's diners with fresh lemons, kumquats and herbs.

Restaurant - South of Johnston

Greenhouse - Perth

As one of Australia's most eco-friendly eateries, the aptly named Greenhouse restaurant in Perth is constructed from steel coil, plywood and recycled plastic, with hundreds of straw bales in the walls and ceilings to provide insulation. Water is reclaimed from the kitchen to water the organic rooftop garden, which is fed by an on-site composting system that turns food scraps into compost in 48 hours.

Restaurant - Greenhouse

bloodwood restaurant & bar - Newtown, Sydney

Decked out with recycled and energy-saving features, the warm industrial interior of bloodwood restaurant and bar on King Street reflects a strong commitment to sustainability. Along with salvaged doors and pre-owned chairs, the restaurant glows with low-energy LED lights set in eclectic settings, creating a warm, funky ambience. At night, suspended tea lights complement the outdoor lighting, further helping to reduce energy costs.

Restaurant - Bloodwood restaurant & bar

Taxi Kitchen - Melbourne

Serving up eco-friendly cuisine at Federation Square, Taxi Kitchen sources its ingredients from sustainable businesses in Victoria. The wide-ranging menu includes organic free-range beef, chicken and fish, and all the red and white wines on the drinks list are from Victoria. (The champagne is from France.) In an effort to further reduce the food miles of their dishes, many of the restaurant’s vegetables and herbs are hand-picked from Fed Square's 'Pop Up Patch', a thriving community garden that was once a car park rooftop.

Restaurant - Taxi Kitchen

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