Is there a perfect season to buy or sell?

Is there a perfect season to buy or sell?

The best time to buy or sell a property has long been a hotly debated topic in real estate - but is there really a best season and does it apply to every property every time? We offer you a season-by-season snapshot.


Spring cleaning takes on a new meaning when you consider that spring is traditionally touted as the best season to sell, and the most competitive in which to buy. Coming after winter when people hibernate and before the hectic summer holidays, spring is thought to drive people to action. It can mean more competition, higher prices and increased demand. Naturally, this is great news for sellers looking to make a heady profit, but it’s not such good news for buyers wanting to save money. On the flipside, a busier market means more properties to choose from, so the picky and cashed-up buyer could do well in popular spring.


Autumn is thought to present the ideal opportunity for selling as it has many of the benefits of spring, but is a little less fevered in terms of competition. In addition, the usually mild weather shows houses in their best light. Buyers are also said to benefit in autumn as the market is flush with properties but there are fewer house hunters with whom to compete.  


Given that Christmas falls in summer, many potential buyers go on holiday or are busy entertaining and will postpone purchasing a property until they’re back at work. Many sellers are in the same position, so choice can be restricted. However, buyers willing to move at this time could find a bargain left over from spring.


It’s a universal belief that winter is the worst time of year to buy or sell. Rain, cold weather and grey skies make for low-quality sales photographs and poorly attended open houses because most buyers wait for the warmer months to start searching. Having said that, a buyer willing to brave the cold could be in prime position to snap up a bargain. 

There are pros and cons to every season, but in the end good homes are bought and sold year-round. There is more at play than just seasons when it comes to the best time to buy and sell

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