Six moving house apps to help you move

Smart phone apps to help you move house

There's an app for everything these days - even moving house. And what could be more convenient than having all your moving information recorded on your trusty smartphone?

Moving is consistently recorded as one of the top five stresses you can experience, so it’s great to learn about new ways to make the process easier. Check out these helpful moving apps.

MoveMatch (Android)

Simply enter your belongings and the app will help you calculate their volume and estimate how much the move will cost. The app also includes a checklist and helpful moving tips.

Moving Van (iOS)

This handy app allows you to record every box – and its contents – that you pack. You can take photos of the contents of each box so you know exactly where everything is. How convenient!

My Mortgage Kit (Android, iOS)

This nifty app will help keep your finances in check. There’s a checklist to help you move house, as well as loan repayment calculators and budget planners. And if you’re finding all the property lingo a bit difficult to understand, the Jargon Buster is a great tool.

Moving Checklist Pro (Android, iOS)

This app will help even the most disorganised mover get sorted. It’s a comprehensive to-do list that’s really easy to use. From four weeks prior to the move, the app includes a series of moving tasks (you can edit them to suit your specific needs) that need to be completed each week.

House Cleaning List (Android)/Housekeeping List (iOS)

This app is great – especially if you’re domestically challenged. It comes with lists that will remind you of everything you need to do to leave the house squeaky clean. You can edit the lists to suit your individual needs as well.

DocuSign (Android, iOS)

The wonders of modern technology never cease. This app allows you to sign online documents without needing to print them out. Your signature is stored in the app so you simply paste it onto the document and email it. It’s convenient, secure and legally binding. Who wants to worry about printing, signing, scanning and emailing when they’re moving?

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