Moving in with your partner checklist

Moving in with your partner checklist

Moving in with your partner for the first time? Make sure you’re fully prepared with our handy checklist.

Making sure you're ready

Sharing a home is a big step, so it's important to make sure you're both ready for it. Don't base your decision on purely financial factors and talk openly about the positives and negatives of moving in together.

Talking finances

It's also essential to discuss how your finances will change once you move in together. Will you open a joint bank account? Do you plan to each take responsibility for different bills? How will you cope with major and unexpected expenses? It's best to know the answers to these questions beforehand.

Checking you're on the same page

For a smooth move, you also need to be certain that you are both looking for the same things out of a new home. Check that you're on the same page when it comes to type of house, location and nearby amenities before you start your property hunt.

Establishing ground rules

Living with someone else can be wonderful, but you're likely to find that there are also some challenges to overcome. Annoyances about common problems such as dirty dishes and messy bathrooms can quickly spiral into arguments if you're not careful. Establish a few ground rules early on and it will be much easier to avoid potential pitfalls.

Be ready for compromises

Learning to compromise is a key part of creating a successful home together. Be prepared to discuss everything from the décor to what you plan to watch on TV in the evening and make sure you're both able to compromise when the need arises.

Planning ahead

Try and put together a budget before you move in together. Consider rent, monthly bills and shared expenses such as home insurance and internet. You can save yourself some cash by being savvy when it comes to your utility bills. Make sure you're on the right electricity and gas plan to estimate what you can expect to pay for your energy bills and get your budget off to a good start.