Moving house tips

Moving house tips

People experience some common hiccups when moving house. Avoid some of the big ones with these simple tips.

How's your insurance looking?

Not all home insurance policies will cover you when you move. Find out what you're covered for before you move.

Disconnect after you’ve cleaned

If you need to clean your place before moving out, make sure you request that your electricity and gas is disconnected once you’ve finished.

Check your meter before electricity is connected

Is your meter accessible? Is it in the ‘off’ position? Remember, some units may have two main switches.

Switching your gas on

Turn your gas meter lever – usually a red or yellow handle or tap – so it’s vertical with the pipe (at a right angle means it’s off), then wait a few minutes before trying one of your gas appliances. Appliance pilot lights will need re-igniting too. If you still can’t get your gas running, Give us a call.

Glide into your apartment

To save unexpected delays, find out where apartment access bays are located, how to get a lift key, and if there are any set moving times to be aware of.

Take care with fridges

Fridges that are laid on their side or back while being moved should be left for 24 hours before being plugged in and turned on to ensure the fridge coolant works properly.