Moving house at Christmas - survival tips

Moving house at Christmas - survival tips

Spring is one of the most popular times of the year to make big changes to property – whether it’s selling, buying, showcasing or renovating – which means the nitty-gritty is left to deal with over the holidays. Not ideal, but do-able with some smart moving tips. Here’s some advice to help you prepare.

Make a booking as early as you can

Timing is everything. Once you decide on a moving date, contact removalists for quotes and make a booking as far in advance of that date as possible. Christmas is a busy time for everyone – removalists included – so getting your name down early ensures your move can go ahead on your chosen date.

Stay cool

While the summer sunshine can be the best thing to happen all year, trying to move house in it is not easy. Make sure you stay hydrated and provide any helping hands with plenty of water throughout the move. Keep doors and entrances open all day to ventilate the space and everyone will be thankful if you keep a portable fan turned on during the heavy lifting.

Inform your gas and electricity suppliers

Make sure you tell your gas and electricity provider that you're moving, otherwise there might be no fairy lights shining on the tree and no turkey roasting in the oven! Find out what you’re likely to pay on bills in your new home with EnergyAustralia’s online energy calculator so you can prepare your moving budget beforehand and also work out the best energy plan in your new home.

Tell your friends and family

Spread the word about your new house as soon as possible and well in advance of the festive season, otherwise your Christmas cards might end up at your old address! Set up a postal redirection service at your nearest post office a few days before moving. If you already have tenants in your old home, leave a sheet of sticky labels with your new address written on them so the people moving into your old home can forward them. 

Call in the help

We all know how much hard work is involved in moving, so bring in friends, family and relatives to lend a hand. This could be as simple as watching the kids or your pets while the bulk of the move goes ahead. Turn it into a fun summertime activity by putting on some music and providing snacks and cold drinks for everyone. Use your smartphone too; get some handy apps to make the move as easy as possible.

Get it done before sunset

Lucky that the sun sets much later in December, but still try to finish the bulk of the move before the light fades. Keep a few torches handy, as you don't know where everything is in your new home yet, including light switches. You wouldn’t want to christen your new home with clumsy episodes of falling and tripping over things, right?

Don’t forget about food

Over the holidays, some shops change their opening hours, so make sure you’re not caught out due to bad planning. Do a food run as soon as you get your keys or treat everyone to takeaway on the first night – after all, you’ve been lifting boxes and unpacking all day and who wants to cook after that?